Come see the flowers at Shark bay at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Where will you bloomin’ be?

Western Australia’s Coral Coast is wildflower country year round, however displays are at their best between July and October when inland areas are in full bloom and carpets of brilliant colour blanket the region.

Australia’s South West makes up part of Australia’s only biodiversity hotspot – and one of just 34 biodiversity hotspots around the world. Almost 80 percent of the plant species in the South West Australia bio diverse province are found nowhere else on earth. The diverse range of wild flowers, forests and native animals found in Australia’s South West all contribute to the rare and unique nature of the region. Wildflower season is from August to November.

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Australia’s Coral Coast region

When you visit Ningaloo Reef Resort, RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, RAC Cevantes Holiday Park or RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday Park you witness the magic of the wildflowers.

Wildflower Hotspots in this region include:

Get lost in the flower fields at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Coalseam Conservation Park

Discover a remarkable variety of flowering woody heath plants and carpets of pink, gold, cream and white everlastings.

Come see the lemure at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Lesueur National Park

Mount Lesueur National Park is one of the most diverse and rich floral areas in the world and is home to almost 900 species.

The wildflowers are definitely wild at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Kalbarri National Park 

From July until November, approximately 800 species of native flora progressively burst into bloom around Kalbarri and within the National Park.

Come see the flowers at Shark bay at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Shark Bay World Heritage Area

Shark Bay has the longest wildflower season in Western Australia with over 700 species of flowering plants.

Capebay has some amazing flowers all at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Cape Range National Park

Located within the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area, the Cape Range National Park is home to 630 species of flowering plants.

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Australia’s South West region

RAC Busselton Holiday Park is located on the doorstop to a range of wildflower hotspot locations.

The flowers at bunbury at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia


From August to November many wildflowers can be seen flowering in and around Bunbury. It is recommended to visit Manea Park (Somerville Drive, College Grove) and take the Pultenaea Loop walk trail to view the wildflowers at their best. Also view a variety of wildflowers on a walk along the sealed pathway at the Tuart Walk located at the end of Ocean Drive (between Bunbury and Dalyellup).

Come see the dandrup at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia


On the drive into the picnic area at Crooked Brook Forest (Crooked Brook Road, Dardanup), you will find a fast array of wildflowers to explore and discover.

Wellington Nature Reserve at Wellington, RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Wellington Discovery Forest

Discover wildflowers at Wellington Discovery Forest which is accessible via Pile Road or Wellington Forest Road.

Flowers are blooming at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia


As the weather gets a bit warmer, October is the best time to view the wildflowers in and around Collie. Along the Coalfields Highway, 2km west of town (close to the cemetery), a walk along the footpath in an easterly direction towards the town, discover an abundance of wildflowers at your leisurely pace.

South West Flowers at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia


There are plenty of wildflowers to see Donnybrook. It is recommended to visit the golf course where the kangaroo paws are spectacular and a drive along Sandhills Road (south of town) will take you past an industrial area where you can view them by the thousands. At the Old Racecourse Nature Reserve, north of Balingup, there are signposted walkways directing you through a variety of wildflowers.

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Come see the whales at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia
Come and swim with the whale sharks at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef is the experience of a lifetime. Join a whale shark watching or snorkelling tour from Exmouth or Coral Bay and experience the ultimate wildlife encounter. Every year, between mid March and mid July, these gentle giants of the ocean congregate in the Ningaloo Marine Park following the mass spawning of coral. Harmless to humans, they are the world’s largest species of fish and can grow up to 18 metres in length.

The opportunity to swim with whale sharks in the Ningaloo Reef region attracts visitors from far and wide to Exmouth and Coral Bay. It’s one of very few regions in the world where they congregate regularly in coastal waters and are easily accessible for whale shark tours.

Check out the list of Coral Bay whale shark tours and Exmouth whale shark tours, or visit the Exmouth Visitor Centre website to find out more about whale shark watching tours on the Ningaloo Reef or to organise your swim with the whale sharks.

Come see the dolphins at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Did you know?

More than 2,000 dolphins inhabit Shark Bay and about 200 live in the waters around Monkey Mia. Due to strict management regulations for the ongoing welfare of the dolphins only 5 adult female dolphins are fed at Monkey Mia.
Established in 1992, Monkey Mia is the number one behavioural research site in the world for bottlenose dolphins and tiger sharks and often works in collaboration with the West Australian Government. Dolphin research includes male association, female to calf association and juveniles.

The Resort has provided hosted accommodation for film crews from numerous programs including National Geographic and the Discovery Channel and has also accommodated the filming of the Blue Planet while it produced a documentary on Shark Bay with David Attenborough.

The Resort 100% supports the world leading research conducted off the beaches of Monkey Mia.

Since its humble beginnings, research has developed hugely at Monkey Mia, and to this day we still host and support a team of dolphin researchers under the direction of Dr. Janet Mann, a professor of Georgetown University, USA Hundreds of dolphins are surveyed and cataloged each year, they survey their behavior, ecology, genetics, development, communication, social structure, predators and pray, providing a huge insight into dolphin life. All of this research is accomplished non-invasively without tagging or capturing the dolphins
Continue checking our Facebook page as we introduce the famous dolphins of Monkey Mia.

Come see the whales at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

There’s a new tourist attraction off our north west coast, the chance to swim with humpback whales. The trial has just started off Exmouth and if there’s enough interest it could provide a multi-million dollar boost to the economy.

Check out the below video from 9 News Perth.

Come see the breathtaking pinnacles at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Cervantes was named after a ship was wrecked nearly which was named after author Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish writer who is widely regarded as the greatest writer of Spanish language and one of the worl’s pre-eminent novelists. His major work ‘Don Quixote’ was the first modern novel and still today, considered the best works of fiction ever written.
The ship, Cervantes, was originally built as a whaling brig with one deck, square stern and a billet head. It was copper fastened and had a coppered bottom. It was built in 1836 in Bathe, Maine, and registered in that port on 4 October 1836. The first whaling voyage to Western Australia had taken place in late 1841.

The Cervantes was anchored in Jurien Bay and the crew were fishing when a gale blew up. Before the vessel could make sail and weather the gale out at sea it was driven on to a sand-bar. The crew got ashore, and three of them arrived in Perth on 6 July 1844 to report the loss.

The wreck peacefully rests in two to three metres off water and 0.5n WSW of Thirsty Point, with timbers from the boat found on Cervantes beach in 2002.

Today the town thrives from dual industries: fishing and tourism. Boasting white sandy beaches and turquoise waters teeming with marine life, Cervantes is a popular choice for fishing holidays and relaxed family getaways. Crayfish are in abundance between November to June and is only a 15 minute drive to the spectacular Pinnacles. These amazing natural limestone structures, some standing as high as 5 metres, were formed approximately 25,000 to 30,000 years ago is a major attraction for people around the world.

RAC Busselton Holiday Park for the 2016 Tourism Awards, RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

RAC Busselton Holiday Park is proud to announce that they have made it into the finals for the 2016 Perth Airport Western Australian Tourism Awards! The Perth Airport Western Australian Tourism Awards recognise excellence in all areas of tourism achievement in Western Australia across 32 categories. The categories include the prestigious Sir David Brand Award for Tourism, which recognises outstanding achievement by an organisation in promoting or servicing the WA industry. The Perth Airport Western Australian Tourism Awards continue to set a standard for excellence in our State’s tourism offerings at a time when the industry is perhaps more important than ever in contributing to our economic prosperity.

Monkey Mia in the Top 10 Tourist Parks at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort is proud to announce that they were voted as one of Holidays with Kids Top 10 Resorts in Australia for 2016. These awards invited readers to vote for the best family-friendly resorts they’ve encountered, and to rank their nomination on categories including activities and facilities for kids, staff hospitality, standard of accommodation, location, accessibility, safety, fun for the entire family, value for money and overall experience.

Both parents and kids alike will take great delight in watching a dolphin feeding session, held three times a day – if you’re lucky, the keepers may even ask for your assistance! Take a ride down the blissful white sandy beach on one of the islands beautiful gentle giants- on a camel! Treat your family to an Aboriginal cultural walk and you and the kids can learn about the innate history of the Gathaagudu region. Spend a night star gazing under the beautiful purple hues, learning about the intricacies of the universe, or entertain the kids as they watch water blast 100 metres into the sky at the resort’s local blowholes.


The westernmost part of Australia is home to a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, wildlife and flora.

To ensure visitors get the most out of their visit to Shark Bay, RAC now offers self-guided tours available for free via the mobile app Everythere. The self-guided tours and standalone sites of interest provide the history, stories, photos and videos as you make your way to each key location.

Just head to the location, open the app, find the tour you would like to take and set off. It’s that easy.

Going somewhere with limited mobile coverage? No problem, you can download your tour before you go.

Explore the world’s most diverse and abundant examples of stromatolites to find out what life was like 3.5bn years ago, discover some of the rare plants and endangered species found only in Shark Bay, immerse yourself in the Aboriginal and European history of the region, and marvel at the stark contrast where beaches connect with the land.

If you’re travelling to the region, download the free Everythere app – available for iPhone and Android – and make even more of your time at Shark Bay.

Cervantes renovations at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

RAC Cervantes Holiday Park last weekend celebrated the opening of 11 new stylish self-catering cabins, a children’s activity centre, recreation room and swimming pool.

The new facilities make the holiday park, just two hours’ drive north of Perth, the perfect getaway for friends and families. New two and three-bedroom villas offer all the modern conveniences you would expect in stylish villas and a specially-designed cabin for people with disabilities provides extra comfort and convenience for some families.

Other new additions to the park include a state-of-the-art camp kitchen, barbecue areas and a new amenities block.

The new kids’ activity centre has a projector for movie nights, pool table and table tennis, while the recreation room has a private lounge for those looking for some quiet time.

The new camp kitchen overlooks the pool and is great for parents who want to keep an eye on their little ones while they fix dinner.

Another attraction for camping parents is the amenity block’s new family bathroom, which is designed specifically for families with bubs and toddlers.

The new pool and high-accessibility villa have also been designed to allow wheelchair-bound visitors to enjoy a wonderful stay at Cervantes.

The park is a 10-minute drive from The Pinnacles limestone formations and close to Lake Thetis, one of only a few places in the world with living marine stromatolites.

Some of the country’s best crayfish are caught in the waters off Cervantes beach. Other local attractions include Jurien Bay boat harbour, Hangover Bay and Mt Leseur.