South West, Western Australia

Eco-friendly park

RAC is committed to environmental responsibility through preserving and protecting the surrounding landscapes. To ensure our unique flora and fauna are maintained for years to come, we have undertaken the following initiatives:

  • The park is designed so local groundwater is not impacted
  • Where possible we purchase and use eco-friendly products and goods.
  • We provide recycling bins throughout the property at convenient locations for all guests.
  • A composting program is ongoing which is used for mulching and caring for the flora.
  • Energy efficient reverse cycle air conditioning is used in the accommodation.
  • Sixty-six solar panels are in use, generating over 158 kWHr of power per day. This has reduced the properties emissions by an estimated 15% or 53 tonnes per year.
  • We have planted over 160 native trees aiding in reducing erosion and salinity.
  • An on going possum protection program is in place to protect the endangered ring tail possums that reside on the property. This progam includes monitoring of the animals and providing breeding boxes, safe areas and conducting information sessions for children and guests. This is carried out in partnership with the Busselton Wildlife and Possum Environment Centre.
  • Our property is Eco Certified by Eco Tourism of Australia.