Exmouth Cape

Coral Coast, Western Australia

Things to do

Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Marine Park

Whaleshark Swim

Every year from April to July, the world’s biggest fish congregate along the Ningaloo Reef. How would it feel to be up close and personal with the largest fish in the world? The majestic whale shark visits the Ningaloo Reef and you can experience swimming side by side with one. If you don’t want to get wet, whale shark tours are also available.

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Turquoise Bay

Snorkellers will be delighted by the chance to dive in Turquoise Bay. Renowned as one of WA’s best beaches, the crystal clear water will give you a relaxing swim, where you can truly appreciate the beauty of the Ningaloo Reef.

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Ningaloo Reef Marine Park

The world famous Ningaloo Reef is protected by this beautiful marine park. You will be able to spot humpback whales, whalesharkes, turtles, dugongs and dolphins, especially if you take a diving tour. Outside of the park’s sanctuary zones you will found some diverse fishing spots, widely regarded as some of the best in Australia.

Yardie Creek at Cape Range National Park

Cape Range National Park

Satisfy your inner botanist, with a spectacular tour of the Cape Range National Park. You will see over 630 species of wildflower as you explore this huge area. This is the WA outback at its best.

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Yardie Creek Gorge

Yardie Creek allows you to see the beautiful coloured cliffs of a gigantic gorge. A one hour scenic cruise through the area departs daily allowing you to take in the beautiful cliffs of the gorge, see nesting osprey’s and maybe even catch a glimpse of the black-footed rock wallabies.


Western Australia’s Coral Coast is wildflower country year round, however displays are at their best between July and October when inland areas are in full bloom and carpets of brilliant colour blanket the region.

Humpback Swim

The world’s largest humpback whale population, estimated at 30,000, annually migrates south along the Ningaloo Reef. Tourists have the chance to get close to the humpbacks as spectators on-board a boat, or while in the water as they swim past or rest in the temperate Ningaloo waters.