Karri Valley

South West, Western Australia

Animal farm at RAC Karri Valley Resort

If you’re looking for a farm stay experience for the whole family, RAC Karri Valley Resort is the perfect WA holiday destination. There are plenty of activities to join in during your stay, including feeding our resident farm animals.

What animals can I see at RAC Karri Valley Resort?

We have a range of farm animals, including our pig, Mocca who is a rescue and has lived with us for over four years now, two horses, a sheep named Anni, seven hens, two roosters and two turkeys. There are also five rabbits, named Ella, Eva, Whisper, Bronny and Peaches.

What animal farm chores can we participate in?

Guests can join us in our daily animal farm chores, including making up the morning food, cleaning enclosures, checking for eggs and feeding the animals.

What time can we see the animals?

Animal farm chores are everyday at 8am during school holidays and animal farm feeding is 3pm Monday to Thursday and 4pm Friday to Sunday.

Do I need to book for the animal farm stay activities?

Yes, you will need to book in for the animal farm activities. Please let our friendly team know when checking in or during your stay which activities you would like to join us. We allow a maximum of 10 children in each session.

Take a tour of the Animal Farm at RAC Karri Valley Resort