Explore the wonder of Shark Bay with RAC self-guided tours


Explore the wonder of Shark Bay with RAC self-guided tours

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You may not know but Shark Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an extraordinarily special one at that. Of the 1052 World Heritage properties, only 21 meet all four natural criteria and Shark Bay is one of those!

To meet these criteria, Shark Bay must be home to:

  • Outstanding examples of the Earth’s evolutionary history
  • Significant ongoing geological and biological processes
  • Superlative natural phenomena or areas of exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic importance
  • Secure habitats for threatened species

To help our members explore this amazing region, RAC has developed a number of self-guided tours; available for free on both iOS and Android via the Everythere app.

  • Learn of the remarkable work Bush Heritage are doing at Hamelin Station Reserve. The 500,000 acre property is home to over hundreds of different bird and plant species and is refuge to many endangered and vulnerable reptiles and mammals.
  • Discover the beginning of life on earth in the saline waters of Hamelin Pool. Take the self-guided tour along the looping track of the Boolagoorda Trail to appreciate the Stromatolite Boardwalk, Shell Block Quarry, the Old Telegraph Station and remains of the Old Telegraph line.
  • Stroll along Shell Beach, dominated by the Hamelin Cockle, and marvel at the endless white stretch of beach or take a dip in the shallow waters which can be transformed into a palette of the most intense green-blues.
  • Remark on the ingeniousness of a select few Denham Buildings made from blocks of shells found at Shell Beach and Hamelin Pool.
  • Take in the sights of the Wulyibidi Yaninyina Trail, a self-guided tour along a trail that loops from the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort into the striking red sand dunes, past a bird hide and back to the white sands of the beach.

These tours are available from March 1st 2017. Download the app to start exploring.

Open the app, find the tour you would like to take and set off. It’s that simple. The app will guide you to each location and once you arrive at an area of interest, content relating to that experience is displayed. In an area with limited mobile coverage? Don’t worry, you can pre-download the tour.