Get sandy in Cervantes

Visit the coastal town of Cervantes for some much needed downtime and a heavy dose of vitamin sea.


Get sandy in Cervantes

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I’m cruising down the Indian Ocean Drive with my partner, car windows down, salty strands of hair flicking across our sun-kissed faces. I wriggle my toes in a failed attempt to rid them of the tiny grains of sand stuck between them, acquired after a quick beach stop en route to Cervantes.

A charming fisherman’s town just a two-hour drive from Perth City, Cervantes is a favourite short break destination for locals and visitors alike. Looking for a place to stay? RAC Cervantes Holiday Park offers a prime setting for holidaying families, with a complete beachfront location that backs onto Ronsard Bay, a variety of accommodation options, plenty of barbecue areas, a pool, large camp kitchen and an onsite café.

One of the park’s brand new villas is our home-away-from-home for the next few days. It proves to be the perfect base for both exploring the region’s natural attractions and relaxing by the bay – a delicate combo of fun-meets-calm that we like to achieve each holiday.

We hit the road just before sunrise for some of that ‘fun’. First up is the Pinnacles, located just 12 kilometres from the holiday park in the Nambung National Park. We are greeted by a stark landscape, an eerie sight akin to the surface of Mars or the set of a sci-fi movie. A sea of yellow sand stretches for miles in every direction, dotted by thousands of natural limestone structures, some 5 metres high.

I weave between the pillars, made of seashell remnants formed by the wind and sea approximately 25,000-30,000 years ago. The sun pokes its head out from behind one of the larger columns, prompting my partner to perform a heart-felt re-enactment of the monolith scene from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Shaking my head in shame, I walk back to the car and make the executive decision to visit Jurien Bay.

Once there, we try our luck at sandboarding (surfing without the paddling, waves or wipe outs). We slide down soft, snow-white peaks until the sparkle of the ocean coerces us to the sea.

After snorkelling, we head to the famous Lobster Shack to find out why Cervantes is dubbed the rock lobster capital of WA. Two giant Western Rock Lobsters, grilled and served with a wedge of lemon, cracked pepper and a sprinkle of salt, are devoured quickly.

Bellies full, we opt to hang out at the holiday park for the rest of the day. Gathering the essentials – sunscreen, towels, fishing rods and bait – we walk 50m to Ronsard Bay. Sprawled on my towel, I watch my partner cast a line into the sea. I catch a large yawn. It’s not yet 5 but after today’s activities, I’m ready for a well-earned nap. And that’s how I know we’ve accomplished our fun-meets-relaxing holiday.

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