Tips when travelling with a dog

Follow these 10 helpful tips when travelling with a dog cross country

travelling with a dog

Tips when travelling with a dog

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Are you planning on travelling with a dog on a road trip or getaway? Then give these ten pet-friendly travel tips a try and ensure the journey with your beloved pooch is smooth sailing from start to finish.

small dog playing with yellow pig chew toy

1. Pack wisely

Don’t forget to pack all of the road trip essentials when travelling with a dog. Pack toys and treats and a chew toy that will keep them occupied for a while in the car.  They don’t take up much room and can be vital at times. And poop bags. Lots of them.

2. Book pet-friendly accommodation

Book pet friendly accommodation , it makes arriving at your destination so much simpler knowing you and your dog have somewhere to relax once you arrive. A lot of caravan and camping sites are happy with pets being on the premise, as long as you respect other guests and ensure your furry friend is with you at all times

3. Doggy health record

It’s a good idea to bring along your dog’s health record, including their vaccinations papers and any other relevant health information. You never know when they might need medical help when on your travels.

4. Wear your dog out before a long drive

Make sure your pooch has used up all their energy before a long drive. You want them to be less energetic so they won’t feel so agitated sitting in a confined space for long rides. Before you leave, take the pooch for a long walk or swim, or run around the park and throw the ball.

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5. Plenty of water

Make sure your dog has access to fresh drinking water at all times, so they keep healthy and hydrated while out on the road. Also, make sure you’re taking frequent rest stops for your furry friend to take a bathroom break.

6. Do your research

Check out local council websites to find the nearest off-leash dog park. When visiting hospitality venues such as cafes, restaurants and bars, ring ahead or check their website and find out if they allow dogs on the premises. There’s nothing worse than driving to a specific place only to discover your pooch isn’t allowed inside because they’re not pet-friendly.

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7. Mix it up

From vast desert floors to beachside towns. Dogs love the variety and exploring new terrain, so mix it up!

8. Keep food simple

Simplify your dog’s food. If you don’t have a caravan with a fridge, then your best bet is sticking to dry food. While driving from one place to the next, remember you can always stop at a local supermarket and buy extra.

9. Keep connected

Some towns will have dog meetups that you can join while you’re in town. Check local Facebook groups or visit to find upcoming dog walks near you.

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10. Consider Pet insurance

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