Come see the flowers at Shark bay at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Where will you bloomin’ be?

Western Australia’s Coral Coast is wildflower country year round, however displays are at their best between July and October when inland areas are in full bloom and carpets of brilliant colour blanket the region.

Australia’s South West makes up part of Australia’s only biodiversity hotspot – and one of just 34 biodiversity hotspots around the world. Almost 80 percent of the plant species in the South West Australia bio diverse province are found nowhere else on earth. The diverse range of wild flowers, forests and native animals found in Australia’s South West all contribute to the rare and unique nature of the region. Wildflower season is from August to November.

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Australia’s Coral Coast region

When you visit Ningaloo Reef Resort, RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, RAC Cevantes Holiday Park or RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday Park you witness the magic of the wildflowers.

Wildflower Hotspots in this region include:

Get lost in the flower fields at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Coalseam Conservation Park

Discover a remarkable variety of flowering woody heath plants and carpets of pink, gold, cream and white everlastings.

Come see the lemure at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Lesueur National Park

Mount Lesueur National Park is one of the most diverse and rich floral areas in the world and is home to almost 900 species.

The wildflowers are definitely wild at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Kalbarri National Park 

From July until November, approximately 800 species of native flora progressively burst into bloom around Kalbarri and within the National Park.

Come see the flowers at Shark bay at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Shark Bay World Heritage Area

Shark Bay has the longest wildflower season in Western Australia with over 700 species of flowering plants.

Capebay has some amazing flowers all at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Cape Range National Park

Located within the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area, the Cape Range National Park is home to 630 species of flowering plants.

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Australia’s South West region

RAC Busselton Holiday Park is located on the doorstop to a range of wildflower hotspot locations.

The flowers at bunbury at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia


From August to November many wildflowers can be seen flowering in and around Bunbury. It is recommended to visit Manea Park (Somerville Drive, College Grove) and take the Pultenaea Loop walk trail to view the wildflowers at their best. Also view a variety of wildflowers on a walk along the sealed pathway at the Tuart Walk located at the end of Ocean Drive (between Bunbury and Dalyellup).

Come see the dandrup at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia


On the drive into the picnic area at Crooked Brook Forest (Crooked Brook Road, Dardanup), you will find a fast array of wildflowers to explore and discover.

Wellington Nature Reserve at Wellington, RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia

Wellington Discovery Forest

Discover wildflowers at Wellington Discovery Forest which is accessible via Pile Road or Wellington Forest Road.

Flowers are blooming at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia


As the weather gets a bit warmer, October is the best time to view the wildflowers in and around Collie. Along the Coalfields Highway, 2km west of town (close to the cemetery), a walk along the footpath in an easterly direction towards the town, discover an abundance of wildflowers at your leisurely pace.

South West Flowers at RAC Parks and Resorts, Western Australia


There are plenty of wildflowers to see Donnybrook. It is recommended to visit the golf course where the kangaroo paws are spectacular and a drive along Sandhills Road (south of town) will take you past an industrial area where you can view them by the thousands. At the Old Racecourse Nature Reserve, north of Balingup, there are signposted walkways directing you through a variety of wildflowers.

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