The beautiful north

Do you need a reason to pack up the family and head north?

Along our beautiful coastline you can get up close and personal with some wild and wonderful creatures. Over the next few months you can experience some of nature’s amazing phenomenon’s such as: Turtles Hatchlings, Coral Spawning and the magnificent Whale Shark.

Loggerhead Hatchlings

Head to Exmouth and see one of nature’s amazing events when hundreds of green and loggerhead hatchlings emerge and make their dash for the safety of the sea. For 6 weeks (roughly January and March) you can witness this phenomenon.

Ningaloo Reef Spawning

Head to Coral Bay or Exmouth and see the pristine waters of Ningaloo Reef transform into colourful clouds each year during the Coral Spawning season. For a short period after the full moon in March and April you can see the amazing site of Ningaloo Reef regenerating.

Swim with the Whale Sharks

Head to Exmouth or Coral Bay and swim with Whale Sharks. The Whale Shark is the gentle giant of the ocean and follows the mass spawning of coral to Ningaloo Reef. They begin to appear along our coast near Exmouth and Coral Bay in April. Harmless to humans, they are the world’s largest species of fish and can grow up to 18 metres in length.

Contact RAC Parks & Resorts on 1800 871 570 for more information and/or to book your adventure to witness just a few of nature’s amazing spectacles!