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RAC Esperance Holiday Park nears completion

RAC Esperance Holiday Park recent development updates

It’s been an exciting time since we last shared an update from RAC Esperance Holiday Park, reaching some key development milestones ahead of our mid-December re-opening.

Pool construction

If the salty seas of Esperance Bay don’t call your name, our brand-new pool surely will. Situated in the heart of the park, this sparkling blue gem is set to be the destination for many a game of ‘Marco Polo’ and will be heated for your comfort. The pool structure has now been dug, framework formed, and concrete poured, as we await the next steps towards completion, plastering and filling.

Pool construction
Picture yourself poolside at sunset

Camp kitchen

In true RAC style, our camp kitchen will be state of the art, offering guests a space to comfortably dish up holiday favourites for the whole family. Since the arrival of the kitchen facility, our team have been busy decking out the interior which will feature numerous electric cooktop stoves, ovens, fridges, microwaves, toasters, and hot water urns, as well as generous bench spaces to prepare your meals.

The brand new camp kitchen with views to Esperance Bay

Recreation room

The recreation room is another family favourite, where you can unwind with a movie night or turn up the competition with a fierce game of table tennis. Pictured below, interior works are now underway on the recreation room which will also offer scenic views out to the pool and beyond.

Recreation room and camp kitchen under construction

The back of the recreation room will also feature a brand-new ablution block offering fully accessible bathroom facilities. For the families, a child-friendly bath will help parents to wash the day’s dirt away.

The recreation room and camp kitchen overlook Esperance Bay

Paving the way for safer stays

The concrete is being poured and our roads and footpaths are coming together, ensuring pedestrian and cyclist access to and from the park, and a safer connection to the Shire of Esperance Shared Use Path network. Let our connected pathways guide you from playground to pool, kitchen to the laundry, site to General Store, and between all the other fantastic new facilities that RAC Esperance Holiday Park will offer.

Safer pathways


Our reception area is undergoing a total transformation, having been stripped back to make way for a brand-new interior. The reception space will also feature an on-site general store that will sell a small selection of grocery items, souvenirs, ice-creams, cold drinks and newspapers. The reception building will be situated nearby the pool and nature playground, with views out to Esperance Bay.

Views from reception

The final steps

As we eagerly approach our mid-December re-opening, we look forward to the final steps in the completion of RAC Esperance Holiday Park, including:

  • Completion of our roads, pathways and kerbing to connect the park.
  • The arrival of the final buildings, with installation completion to follow soon after.
  • Plastering and filling the pool.
  • Laying of the grass and completion of the park landscaping.
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