Exmouth Cape

Coral Coast, Western Australia


General Questions

How much shade will my campsite have?

While we have planted many new trees throughout our recently expanded campground, these trees are still in their infancy. We appreciate your patience as they grow, and we recommend you bring an adequate awning or gazebo with you for shade.

Is the water drinkable?
Yes, all of our taps onsite and in our shared facilities are drinkable. We do use bore water, but for reticulation purposes only.

How far is it to the beach?
It’s a 600m walk to the closest beach. The beach is situated on the Gulf of Exmouth, the prettier beaches are located closer to the Cape (15- 20 min drive).

How far is it to the Cape Range National Park?
It is a 35 minute drive to the Entry Gate.

How far is it to the shops?
It’s a 15 min walk or a quick 5 min drive to the Town Centre. There is ample parking available.

Do you have any equipment hire?
We hire out a range of pedal karts, and mountain, electric and phat tyre bikes for a daily rate. Snorkels and cutlery packs are currently unavailable to hire due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please ensure you bring suitable cooking equipment with you.

Do you take Tour Bookings?
Yes we can book a range of tours from Whale Shark to Fishing Tours. We can also give advice on what to do in Exmouth.

Do you re-fill gas bottles?
Yes we do, it’s $4.50 per kilo to re-fill gas bottles.

Do you have a shop onsite?
We do have a decent range of groceries, ice-creams, drink and ice for sale at Reception.

Do you have ovens in your Camp Kitchen?
We have 2 ovens in our Camp Kitchen for guests to use.

Is there a Visitor Centre nearby?
The newly opened Ningaloo Visitor Centre is across the road from us. You can pay admission entry to explore the museum and learn about the Ningaloo Coast. It also operates as an Information Centre, a gallery and café.

What kind of surface will we be camping on?
We have a mix of cracker dust, soft and concrete sites. Due to the ground we are built on and water limitations within in the town of Exmouth, many of our sites are on very hard ground. We have drills available at reception for tent pegs, should you require it.