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RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort

Located 48km from RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort and accessible by both two and four-wheel drives, Eagle Bluff lookout is one not to be missed! Walk along the elevated viewing platform with stunning, uninterrupted views out to the water, home to countless local marine life.

No need for binoculars, although a welcome addition to your day if you have them handy, have a go at seeing how many creatures you can spot from the lookout, with the area home to a variety of fish species, and sharks including the Lemon Shark, Nervous Shark and the Shovel Nose Ray. Dugongs can also be seen during the summer months. On a lucky day you might also spot dolphins, rays, turtles and even a variety of local birds.

We recommend making the journey on the most still-weathered day of your Monkey Mia stay to maximise your chance of seeing wildlife. Time your trip towards the days end and witness one of the Coral Coast’s most magnificent sunsets.

Eagle bluff looking down at the ocean in Shark Bay
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An experience unlike any other, Ocean Park Aquarium, located just 35km from RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, offers captivating guided tours through extraordinary exhibits filled with an array of unique marine life from the Shark Bay region. The tours run continuously throughout the day, so no matter when you arrive you can jump into the next tour, guided by the team of friendly and highly knowledgeable marine scientists.

With displays both inside and outside, you’ll get to discover the alien-like moray eels, see highly venomous sea snakes and excruciating (and near invisible) stonefish, learn about the secret lives of local clownfish, and witness the majestic glides of the resident stingrays. If you dare, take a walk to the outdoor shark tank and witness the raw fury of a live shark feeding!

Start or finish your visit with a stop at the onsite Oceans Restaurant, where you can dine inside and enjoy the cool air or take a seat on the outdoor balcony with breathtaking views of Shark Bay, and maybe even some special marine sightings. The light menu caters for children, vegetarian and some dietary specific needs.

Truly an excursion for the whole family, pets are also welcome to join you on the tour, so long as you keep them on the lead and ensure you clean up after them.

Looking for a little more ocean adventure? The team also offer a range of boating, diving and for-wheel driving day trips which we recommend you book ahead of time. Visit the website for more details on the tours offered.

Ocean Park Aquarium can be easily accessed via roads in all types of motor vehicles and has ample parking at the aquarium entrance. Tickets can be booked in advance online or on the day.

Fish at Ocean Park Aquarium
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