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Francois Peron National Park offers some of the world’s most impressive land and seascapes with unique scenes of red dirt desert edges meeting turquoise blue waters. Until 1990 the Peron Peninsula operated as a sheep station. It was then purchased by the State Government and in 1993 Francois Peron National Park was declared. Today, the Peron Homestead Precinct shows remnants of what it was like to live on the remote sheep station and it’s here you can discover visitor displays and soak in the famous artesian ‘hot tub’. Drilled from 1922-1923 the water was used to fuel nine watering point for livestock across the property. Today, it offers a relaxing hot soak for visitors. The Peron Homestead Precinct is accessible by a two-wheel (off-road) drive with parking available.

For adventures further than the Homestead, a high-clearance four-wheel drive is essential and will open the door to incredible natural experiences and adventures.  No four-wheel drive, no problem! You can also experience the park with a local 4WD Eco Tour or from the sky on a range of scenic flights.

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For almost 40 years the Indo-pacific dolphins have been swimming close to the shores of Monkey Mia, offering one of the best wild dolphin interactions in the world. Today, the experience is managed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) and a team of marine researchers providing knowledge and guidance to the team of friendly rangers.

Congregating outside Boughshed Restaurant from 7.30am onwards, you will be guided down to the shores when the experience is ready to begin. The team of DBCA rangers will introduce you to any dolphins who arrive on the day, as well as share a wealth of knowledge and history about the incredible creatures. The experience is broadcast over audio speakers along the beach so you can take it in no matter where you are positioned.

Did you know? The rangers feed up to 4 dolphins a small amount of fish each day between 7.45am and 12pm, feeding them less than 10% of their total daily intake. This helps to ensure the dolphins continue to behave and hunt naturally, ensuring their livelihood in the wild. 

Upon your arrival to RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort you will be charged a fee by the DBCA. Importantly, this fee is not paid to our Resort, but to the DBCA to support the continual welfare, management, and research of the Monkey Mia dolphins. Be sure to hold onto the reserve entry ticket you are issue with on arrival and carry this with you to the beach on the morning/s you choose to attend the dolphin experience. If you arrive outside of DBCA hours you will be able to visit the shopfront located near the jetty to purchase your ticket ahead of the experience. Tickets will be checked before the experience begins so be sure to hold onto yours!

Photography is accepted (you’re going to want to remember this!) but please note no GoPros or cameras are permitted to enter the water. To ensure the protection of the dolphins, guests are not permitted to touch the dolphins.

Once the experience is over, wander up to Boughshed Restaurant and enjoy a delicious breakfast while you keep your eyes to the horizon to spot any more dolphins making their way in.

dolphin in monkey mia
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Step aboard the spectacular Aristocat 2 catamaran, departing from Monkey Mia jetty at the front of the Boughshed Restaurant.

Choose to embark on a daytime Marine Life Cruise in search of dugongs, dolphins, turtles, manta rays and other amazing marine life. Be sure to wear your bathers and bring a towel so you can jump on in when the boom net comes out and immerse yourself in the refreshing salt waters of Shark Bay.

Alternatively, as the sun sets you may choose to take in the continually changing colours of the sky as you kick back with a drink from the fully licensed Ocean Lounge Bar on board. You’re also welcome to BYO with drinks and snacks allowed aboard the Sunset Cruise. This is the perfect activity for couples and travelling groups to sit back, relax and soak up the beauty of Monkey Mia. And as the only cruise operator licensed to interact with marine life within the Exclusion Zone, you’re sure to have a cruising experience like no other in the region.

Additional features of the catamaran include viewing vantage points around the entire boat, all weather outdoor and indoor seating, reverse cycled air conditioning and wheelchair access around the entire boat as well as a wheelchair accessible toilet. Don’t forget to bring a light jacket or towel as the breeze can bring a chill while cruising.

Bookings are encouraged (and sometimes essential) to secure your place and can be made online via the website or in reception at RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort. Plus, RAC members save up to 10% on tickets.*

Aristocat 2 catamaran in the Monkey Mia bay

*10% discount is not available for online bookings and only applies to Western Australian RAC members.

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An experience unlike any other, Ocean Park Aquarium, located just 35km from RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, offers captivating guided tours through extraordinary exhibits filled with an array of unique marine life from the Shark Bay region. The tours run continuously throughout the day, so no matter when you arrive you can jump into the next tour, guided by the team of friendly and highly knowledgeable marine scientists.

With displays both inside and outside, you’ll get to discover the alien-like moray eels, see highly venomous sea snakes and excruciating (and near invisible) stonefish, learn about the secret lives of local clownfish, and witness the majestic glides of the resident stingrays. If you dare, take a walk to the outdoor shark tank and witness the raw fury of a live shark feeding!

Start or finish your visit with a stop at the onsite Oceans Restaurant, where you can dine inside and enjoy the cool air or take a seat on the outdoor balcony with breathtaking views of Shark Bay, and maybe even some special marine sightings. The light menu caters for children, vegetarian and some dietary specific needs.

Truly an excursion for the whole family, pets are also welcome to join you on the tour, so long as you keep them on the lead and ensure you clean up after them.

Looking for a little more ocean adventure? The team also offer a range of boating, diving and for-wheel driving day trips which we recommend you book ahead of time. Visit the website for more details on the tours offered.

Ocean Park Aquarium can be easily accessed via roads in all types of motor vehicles and has ample parking at the aquarium entrance. Tickets can be booked in advance online or on the day.

Fish at Ocean Park Aquarium
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