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Dolphin experience

For almost 40 years the Indo-pacific dolphins have been swimming close to the shores of Monkey Mia, offering one of the best wild dolphin interactions in the world. Today, the experience is managed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) and a team of marine researchers providing knowledge and guidance to the team of friendly rangers.

Congregating outside Boughshed Restaurant from 7.30am onwards, you will be guided down to the shores when the experience is ready to begin. The team of DBCA rangers will introduce you to any dolphins who arrive on the day, as well as share a wealth of knowledge and history about the incredible creatures. The experience is broadcast over audio speakers along the beach so you can take it in no matter where you are positioned.

Did you know? The rangers feed up to 4 dolphins a small amount of fish each day between 7.45am and 12pm, feeding them less than 10% of their total daily intake. This helps to ensure the dolphins continue to behave and hunt naturally, ensuring their livelihood in the wild. 

Upon your arrival to RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort you will be charged a fee by the DBCA. Importantly, this fee is not paid to our Resort, but to the DBCA to support the continual welfare, management, and research of the Monkey Mia dolphins. Be sure to hold onto the reserve entry ticket you are issue with on arrival and carry this with you to the beach on the morning/s you choose to attend the dolphin experience. If you arrive outside of DBCA hours you will be able to visit the shopfront located near the jetty to purchase your ticket ahead of the experience. Tickets will be checked before the experience begins so be sure to hold onto yours!

Photography is accepted (you’re going to want to remember this!) but please note no GoPros or cameras are permitted to enter the water. To ensure the protection of the dolphins, guests are not permitted to touch the dolphins.

Once the experience is over, wander up to Boughshed Restaurant and enjoy a delicious breakfast while you keep your eyes to the horizon to spot any more dolphins making their way in.

dolphin in monkey mia
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