Parks & Resorts

Pet Terms & Conditions

This applies to all RAC Parks & Resorts where pets are permitted.
A maximum of two pets are permitted per site/room.

  • General
  • Health and temperament
  • Visiting friends
  • Pet-friendly accommodation

If a RAC property manager reasonably considers that your pet acts in any way considered to be aggressive, dangerous, or destructive, RAC’s property manager reserves the right to ask you to vacate the property and terminate your stay, in which case you will not be entitled to any refund of monies paid for your stay at RAC Parks & Resorts.

Guests are liable for all loss and damage. Including property damage and/or personal injuries, which occurs directly or indirectly resulting from their pet. RAC reserves the right to apply all fees and expenses associated with any such loss and damage to the Guest’s account.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, RAC will not be held responsible or liable whether in negligence, contract or otherwise if any person incurs, experiences, or suffers any direct or indirect loss (including but not limited to any loss suffered to property or person and economic loss), damage, fatality, injury (including psychological trauma), inconvenience or health-related issue whatsoever arising out of or connected to your pet.

*Please note that our pet terms and conditions can change at any time. Should they change we will notify you before your arrival.